Even though the designs of washers vary widely, there are some features that are common to all machines. For example, all washers have an electric motor. Also, all washers have both agitate and spin cycle. Since both these cycles are driven by the electric motor, all washers use some kind of a mechanism to operate these cycles. Washer machines also have a way of filling the washtub with water and draining out used water. For all these mechanisms to operate, the device must be in perfect condition. If there is a problem in one of the components, the unit may not work efficiently or worse, may stop working all together. Here are some washing machine common problems you may face.Washing machine repair

Not Starting

Some of the possible causes of this problem include:

  • The laundry unit not being plugged in
  • The plug is damaged
  • The door is damaged or not closed properly
  • Problem with the socket or wires
  • Or you have selected the program the wrong way.

If everything is in order, the unit may have internal wiring issues. Checking the internal wiring of the washer is not easy. You can get help from a qualified washing machine repair technician who will fix the problem. Our washer service technicians have several years of experience in the field and are always ready to help you. All you have to do is just give us a call today.

The Tub does not fill with Water

If the water supply hose is not connected properly, leaking, bent, or blocked, the water may not enter the machine. At times, a faulty tap or problem in the filter could also cause this problem. Make sure you check these possible problem areas before calling a washing machine repairman. When a washer repair technician visit your home, they will identify the cause of the problems and will carry out the necessary repairs.

Not Spinning

If the drum of the machine does not rotate during the wash cycle, it could be due to a damaged drive belt. Another factor that could be responsible for this problem is worn out carbon brushes of the motor. To check and rectify this problem, you will need a specialist or technical assistance. When you give us a call, a qualified washer repairman will call you in a few hours to schedule an appointment. Our washing machine service expert will visit your home at your convenience and will make sure that your machine works perfectly.

Not Draining

Some possible causes of this problem include blockage in the waste water pipe or the machine. A few other causes include problems with the pump or an electrical fault. If there is a problem with the pump, you may have to get a new pump. You will need technical assistance to replace the pump or to check the electrical fault. Our repairmen are qualified to identify and resolve this problem. They will ensure that your machine will start working in the shortest possible time.

The Door is Jammed

If you face this problem, it is best to get professional appliance repair west palm beach help. To troubleshoot this problem, one of our repairmen may have to replace the damaged or faulty door. If you are using a front-loading machine, the door will be opened from the inside by our technician. You should not try to open the inside as it increases the risk of electrocution and could invalidate the warranty.

Washer service costs are usually a lot lower than buying a new unit, so it’s definitely worth considering.

We are experts in servicing major brands like:

  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Bosch
  • Frigidaire
  • Samsung
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