How To Troubleshoot A Washing Machine That Will Not Start?

It’s the wash day and you have loaded the clothes into the machine. However, when you turn on the machine, you realize that your machine is not starting. What could be wrong with your machine and what are the steps you must take to deal with this problem. Ideally, you should call an appliance repair company that will send a qualified washing machine service technician to help you. If you want to save a few bucks, here are a few tips to help you.

There are several parts that can be responsible for this problem. You must check each part carefully and replace the damaged part. Here are some problem-causing parts:

Lid Switch

The lid switch on the washing machine is a safety device that controls the working of the water inlet valve and motor circuit. If there is a problem with the lid switch, the machine will not start. The lid switch is usually located below the main top and is activated when the machine lid is closed. Make sure the levers connected to the switch are working properly. If the lid switch is activated properly, but there is no supply of power to the motor or valve, it means that the switch is defective. You can use a multi-meter to check the condition of the switch.

Door Switch, Lock and Stick

A common safety feature on front loading washing machines is the door lock and door switch. On most front loading models, the door lock activates the machine when the door switch is closed. The door switch is normally located on the door frame or the door assembly. Check the condition of the strike and make sure it engages the door lock assembly and the door remains closed when the machine is in use.

Start Timer and Switch

The start switch is usually a part of the timer and the switch is activated when you pull the timer knob. You can check the condition of the start switch using a multi-meter. To check its condition, you must remove the switch from the timer set. Make sure you check the wiring diagram to identify the correct timer contacts you have to remove or separate the switch from the timer. Before you check the condition of the switch, make sure you switch off the power supply to the machine.


When checking the condition of the start switch, you must also check the condition of the timer knob. The knob must properly engage the shaft that operates the power switch. Normal wear and tear can damage the knob and prevent it from engaging the switch mechanism. To check its condition, you can visually inspect the shaft to find out that it engages the switch mechanism when pushed in and pushed out.

Drive Motor

Both top and front loading washing machines use the drive motor to agitate and spin during the cleaning cycle. Most top loading machines come with a motor that spins in one direction for agitating and another direction for draining and spinning. If the washing machine does not start but makes a buzzing or humming sound, it means that drive motor is defective. It is in your interest to get professional help to repair the drive motor. A qualified washer repair technician will disassemble the motor assembly and inspect each part carefully to identify and repair or replace the problem part.

Control Board

The main control board of the machine operates several components, including the drive motor and fill circuit. If the control board does not provide proper voltage to the components, the washing machine will not start. Diagnosing the condition of the main control board is not easy. You must follow certain procedures and use the right test equipment to check its condition. You can visually inspect the board and check for signs of burn or damage. If the board is damaged, you must use caution when replacing it, as an external component failure can damage the board. If you suspect that the main control board and it is a problem, it is best to get professional help. A washer repairman will check the condition of each component, including external components, before replacing the board.

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