How To Troubleshoot the Refrigerator Thermostat

appliance_experts_refrigeratorA problem in the thermostat of the refrigerator can affect its ability to preserve food at the right temperature. If you notice crystal formation on vegetables or if the liquids remain warm, it indicates that the machine’s thermostat is malfunctioning. But how do you know that other parts of the residential appliance are not responsible for the problem?

At times, you may face this problem because the thermostat is not set correctly. When using the refrigerator, the thermostat dial can accidentally get knocked off, which can affect the cooling ability of the home appliance. appliance_experts_refrigerator_thermostatIdeally, the thermostat dial of the appliance must be set at 37-degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimum temperature required to keep the food fresh. Alternatively, you can check the manufacturer’s manual to find out the exact temperature you must set to keep the food fresh. To check the working of the thermostat, check the temperature inside the refrigerator after an hour using a thermometer. Also, make sure you check the temperature inside the freezer.

While checking the temperature inside the refrigerator and freezer, make sure you check for signs of ice melting and freezing erratically, formation of icicles, and softening of cardboard kept inside the refrigerator. All these are signs that the thermostat is not working properly. If you suspect that the thermostat is not doing its job properly, it is best to call a fridge repairman to service the machine. When using the services of refrigerator repair technician, it is best to get help from a specialist. Using the services of an expert washer technician or a dryer service technician, who also repairs refrigerators, can complicate the situation.

Electrical Problems

At times, the problem may be due to erratic electric supply to the machine. If the thermostat dial temperature is set correctly and the thermostat is in perfect condition but the food items are not preserved properly, it indicates that supply of electric current is erratic. If you think that you can handle this problem, you must first check the condition of the thermostat. You can find the thermostat behind the dial. Before you check the condition of the thermostat, you must disconnect the power supply to the refrigerator and remove all items that block the access to this part.

appliance_experts_refrigerator_checkThe thermostat is usually encased in a plastic cover which must be removed to access the part. Remove the plastic cover carefully without damaging the wires that are connected to the thermostat. After removing the cover, you will notice two exposed wires. You must then check the continuity of the circuit using a multi-meter. You must do this only after you are absolutely sure about using the multi-meter to check continuity. If the circuit is in perfect condition, the problem lies elsewhere. To diagnose and troubleshoot the problem, you should call a repair service provider who will visit your house to solve the problem. A professional repair service provider has specialized knowledge to repair household appliances. They will ensure that your fridge is repaired in the shortest possible time for a reasonable charge.

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