How to Repair Your Range, Stove or Oven

Repair technician checking the stoveThe range has become an inseparable part of our kitchen. You’ll only realize the importance of this household appliance when it is faulty. Having a defective range in your home can be a frustrating experience. Repairing a broken range is not easy because in involves high voltage test. It is in your interest to hire a professional range or stove technician to handle this problem. For those who want to save a few bucks, here are details of the possible problems you are likely to face and their solution.

Appliance Does Not Start

If the machine does not start, you should check the fuses. If the fuse is defective, it indicates that a component in the device as failed or shorted. Some of the other parts that can cause this problem include broil element, bake element, surface burner element, infinite switch, temperature sensor, and electronic control board. If you don’t have the right tools to inspect these components, it is best to get help from an oven repairman.

No Heat

If you notice that there is no heat while baking, you must check the bake element, oven control thermostat, fuses, electronic control board, and temperature sensor. Bake element is usually at the bottom of the oven. If you notice food burning from the top or the oven does not reach the desired temperature, it means that there is a problem with the bake element. You must check the condition of the thermostat if the bake element is in perfect condition. The oven control thermostat is on the main control board of the machine, and it controls both the broil and bake element. Checking the status of all these parts and replacing them is not easy. It is in your interest to hire a range service technician.

Timer Does Not Advance

You must check the main control board if the timer of the machine does not advance. If the main control board is in perfect condition, you must test the status of the element. Since these are high voltage checks, they must be performed by stove repair technician.

Burner Does Not Light

If the burner does not light, you can start by checking the condition of the igniter. If the igniter glows but does not light, it means that there is a problem with the circuit. Since this is a live voltage check, it must be performed by a qualified technician. At times, if the igniter is weak, it may not light the burner. In such cases, it is best to replace the igniter. A few other parts that are likely to cause this problem include oven safety valve and electronic control board.

Oven Is Too Hot

If the oven in your house gets too hot, you must check the condition of the broil element and fuses. The broil element is usually on the top of the machine. Check the status of the broil element visually for signs of damage. If everything appears normal, check the continuity using a multi-meter. If the broil element is in perfect condition, check if the fuse has blown because a component in the machine has shorted. Never attempt to repair or service the machine without getting professional help. Several well-known appliance repair companies are always ready to help users from residential areas.

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