How To Repair A Dishwasher That Won’t Start Or Turn On?

The advantage of dealing with dishwashers is that they are all made in the same design. They don’t have unique complexities that might prompt you to follow specific guidelines or call the manufacturing company. It is therefore a very easy task to repair a dishwasher. If it fails to start, there are a number of symptoms to observe. These symptoms are the red flags that assist in a successful troubleshooting process of fix a dishwasher.

Home Dishwasher not getting hot or heating up

To begin, check if the dishwasher is getting any power. This is done by first testing if the power supply cord is working. You can then move towards the machine itself. If the cord is in right condition, there should be a power light showing that there is current flowing to the machine. Contrary shows that the machine doesn’t get any. This stage also involves checking circuit breakers and making sure the GFI outlet has not tripped.

The second procedure is checking the state of the door switch. The switch should not be defective, if the switch is bad, the dishwasher will not start. It’s a safety mechanism put in place to ensure that the dish washing machine will not start if the door is still open. It is therefore possible that the kitchen appliance might not start in the event that the switch is not working properly. It is therefore important to check the continuity of the switch to correct the issue.

The third red flag to watch is the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is put to ensure that the home appliance always switches off in case it overheats. This is in cases such as power surges and overusing of the washer. If the fuse is blown, the washer will definitely not start. It is therefore mandatory to check the fuse in case it needs a replacement. Then deeper stages can be checked.

The main control board can also be defective. It’s the unit responsible for supplying power to all the regions of the dishwasher. If this board has faults, the dishwasher will not start. Dealing with the control board circuitry may prove to be hard. So if the problems are not any of the three above, then it must be the board and this requires a repair technician to fix it for you.

All in all, the dishwasher is a delicate electric machine. It has various weak points that may hinder it from working perfectly. Taking good care of the dishwasher makes it long lasting and less prone to these faults. Thus, the first dishwasher service troubleshooting is always making sure that your device’s health is good.

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