How To Get Mold Off The Rubber Seal On A Front Loader Washer

clean washing machine rubber seal If you notice black stuff on the rubber seal of the front loading machine, it could be due to grime, lint, and moldy growth. The obstructions can prevent the machine door from closing properly which increases the risk of water leaks. This problem in the home appliance can be so serious that some insurance providers encourage people to identify the cause of the leak and take steps to troubleshoot the problem. Cleaning the black stuff from the door of your front loading washer will not only keep the house appliance in top working condition, but it will also prevent serious damage to your home flooring from leaking water from the washer. You could get help from a washer service technician to solve this problem. However, if you decide to troubleshoot the problem yourself, here is a step-by-step guide to help you remove black moldy growth from your residential appliance.

Step 1

Remove the clothes from your washer. Wear your protective cleaning gloves to prevent your hands from getting dirty. Open the doors and windows of the laundry room for ventilation from hazardous vapor from the chemical products.

Step 2

Open the door of the front loader to expose the rubber seal that is attached to the frame of the household appliance. Check the condition of the rubber seal to find out the extent of black moldy stuff. You should also lift the crevices and folds of the seal to identify the hidden mold and dirt. Identify the areas you have to clean to troubleshoot the problem.

Step 3

To clean the rubber seal, fill the bucket with a gallon of warm water and pour a cup of chlorine into the bucket. Gently stir this chlorine solution.

Step 4

Put a white rag in this solution and let it soak the solution for about 30 seconds. Now wring out the rag from the solution.

Step 4

Use the dampened rag to scrub the black mold from the rubber seal. Wrap the rag around your figure and clean the crevices and folds. Some moisture from the rag could remain in the seal but this will not have any side effect.

Step 5

Leave the machine door open for a few minutes to allow the bleach to break down the black stuff from the rubber seal. Don’t leave the machine unattended because pet or small children may try to enter the machine.

Step 7

After about 10 minutes, use a dry white cloth to wipe and scrub the seal. Chlorine will make it easy for you to remove the mold from the rubber seal. Continue wiping the seal until black stuff stops coming off from the seal. Leave the drum open for at least an hour so that the drum and seal can air out. Make sure kids and pets don’t enter the laundry room when the door is open.

If you still notice water leaking from the machine, you should get help of a qualified water technician. The washer repairman will visit your home to identify the cause of the leak and troubleshoot the problem. Before undertaking washer repairs, the technician will give you an estimate. If you are happy with price charged by the technician, you can get your machine serviced or repaired.

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