How To Fix A Refrigerator That Is Not Working

It’s hard to imagine a life without the refrigerator. We use the fridge to store food and make those delicious ice creams for our kids. However, like any other household appliance, your refrigerator could also stop working. Getting help from a refrigerator service technician should solve the problem in the shortest possible time. However, many people prefer repairing the home appliance without professional help. If your refrigerator is not working, here is a quick guide to help you.

Overload Capacitor

technician repairs the broken fridgeThe overload relay device is a part of the compressor circuit of the machine. It is a protection device that adds start winding in the circuit until the refrigerator’s compressor is at running speed. When the fan of the machine is running, and the compressor does not start, you must check the relay for signs of arcing or overheating.

In most modern refrigerators, the relay is a combined part, and it is plugged directly onto the compressor. You can check the condition of the part using a multi-meter. At times, a start capacitor may be attached to the relay assembly. This capacitor provides the increased start voltage required by the compressor. When the capacitor is faulty, the compressor may not start. If you face this problem, check for signs of arcing or overheating and replace the capacitor if necessary.

If the start relay, capacitor, and overload relay check ok, then you must test the compressor. Checking the condition of the compressor is not easy. You must get help from a qualified fridge repairman to check, repair, or replace the compressor.

Cold Control

It is a temperature controlled switch that regulates power supply to fan circuits and compressor in the refrigerator. If the fan does not run and refrigerator won’t start, it indicates that cold control may be faulty. The temperature control knob that is attached to the cold control is usually located inside the fresh food section of the machine. If you suspect that controls are defective, you can check its continuity using a multi-meter.

Before you check the continuity of the controls, you must disconnect the power supply to the machine. You must then remove the control from the housing and remove the terminal leads. When you change the controls to a colder setting the switch must close, and there must be continuity between the terminals. If there is no continuity, the cold control must be replaced. Electronic Control Board

The electronic control board monitors the temperature of the refrigerator and controls the defrost system, fans, and the compressor. If your appliance does not start, the electronic control board may be faulty. The electronic controls of the refrigerator are expensive and complicated. Before you start checking the control board, you must make sure that no power is supplied by the board to the compressor. Also, make sure that there is an incoming power supply to the board. You should also look for signs of burns or arching on the control board before you start inspecting the board. Checking the board involves live voltage checks, which must be performed by refrigerator technician.

If you are looking for a good refrigerator repair technician, you could get references from your friends and co-workers. Many good companies will visit your house to repair and service most residential appliances. Getting recommendations will help you shortlist the right company for the job.

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