How To Fix A Dishwasher Door Latch

A dishwasher is a useful home appliance in every household, but if its door latch fails, the machine won’t run. The latch keeps the door closed to prevent leaks and pushes the safety switch. You can quickly fix a damaged dishwasher or hire the service of a dishwasher repairman.

dishwasher technician repairing the dishwasher in a household

Here are common problem areas and how to fix them just like a dishwasher technician:

Part 1: Door catch

Find the door catch at the top of the appliance’s tub. The catch is adjustable and if not in place will hinder the working of the door latch or make the door close poorly and cause a leak.

Correct it: Adjust door catch well and test if it’s working. When the problem is not solved, inspect other parts or invite a residential dishwasher repair expert to your house for help.

Part 2: Door latch

Food particles can get clogged inside a door latch and make it difficult to open or close. Excess debris will cause the dishwater stop running.

Check if the door latch is tight enough.

Correct it: Use a small screwdriver and a rag to clean out the debris and test if the problem has been solved.

Replace loose or worn out the latch.

Part 3: Door switch

Non-functioning door switch will hinder the flow of electrical circuit, hence make the door latch fail.

Correct it: Turn on the dishwasher, and leave its door slightly open. Push down the switch located in a hole in the machine. Just find the switch by looking at where a spike protruding from the door will enter. Next, close the door well because the appliance will spray water when the switch is depressed. If the dishwasher doesn’t respond, then the safety switch needs to be replaced. If it responds well, then the problem is on the latch.

Part 4: Strike Plate

The door latch grips onto the strike plate when closed. If the strike plate is poorly aligned, the door won’t close properly. This plate should be straight and should not be hit by the door latch.

Correct it: To align a twisted strike plate, Inspect if it’s positioned upward or downward and gently hammer it back in position.

If you’re still unable to fix the problems of your dishwasher, hire a dishwasher service technician to rectify the problem.

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