How To Fix A Refrigerator That Is Too Warm

Are you worried that your refrigerator is too warm?

Are you wondering what could have caused this?

The main reason you bought your refrigerator was to keep your foods and drinks cold. It can therefore be frustrating if they don’t just get to the kind of temperature that you want and you may need to hire a refrigerator repair company. If you are struggling with this problem, then your refrigerator parts may be having problems as explored below.

The Defrost Thermostat

A faulty defrost thermostat may be the reason why your refrigerator is too warm. The work of the defrost thermostat is to melt away frost that builds up on the evaporator coils. It works automatically and senses whether the coils are cold enough. If it is defective, it will not be able to properly sense the temperature. In this case, you can check it for continuity. Replace it if it is below its operational range.

The Air Damper Control

This is a very important part of the fridge. It helps to balance the inflow and outflow of air. If it is stuck or broken, the refrigerator will be disturbingly warm since there is no mechanical control of the quantity of cold air that gets into it. In almost all cases, an automatic door is the air inlet damper control. If it does not open as it should, the fridge may receive less cold air and therefore become warm.

This component is mostly housed in a plastic that is made of a Styrofoam lining. Locate the damper control and make sure it is intact and able to move freely. Inspect it to see if there are any parts that are broken. If there is a problem, consider replacing the whole damper control assembly.

Defrost timer

This is an electronic, automatic timer. It acts as a contact controlling the defrost heater circuit and the compressor circuit. Most refrigerators activate a defrost cycle after a compressor run time of 8-10 hours. The defrost timer is located near the bottom, just behind the kick plate. It can be behind side-by-side units or in the control panel of the fresh food section in some fridges. Check the manufacturer’s wiring diagrams for the correct terminals to check for continuity and replace if faulty.

Electronic Control Board

An electronic control board is used as a component in some newer models. It has temperature sensors or Thermistors connected to it to monitor temperatures. It then uses the information to control the fan motors, the defrost system and the compressor. A faulty electronic control can make the refrigerator warm. This component is usually considered very reliable and is quite costly. Therefore, before writing it off, you should make sure the fans, sensors and compressors are okay. In some instances, the manufacturer even gives diagnostic information that will help you handle the electronic control.

The parts mentioned above are the most responsible for a refrigeration unit not getting too warm. However, there are other parts such as fan motors, defrost heaters and the cold control among that may be faulty. To ensure your fridge gets back to working properly, perform the diagnostic tests mentioned above and get any faulty parts quickly replaced. Consult a professional appliance repair company in case you are unable to locate the problem. After all, the fridge is one of those appliances that you want to keep in excellent working condition.

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