How To Fix A Refrigerator Door That’s Sweating

Horizontal view of technician during fridge repair.You will agree with me when I say that the refrigerator is one of the most hardworking home appliances in your house. If your refrigerator has doors that are sweating, you don’t have to give up. You can take several steps to identify and rectify the problem. You must check all possible areas of problem and replace the damaged part immediately. Some of the parts that are likely to cause problems include:

Door Gasket

Refrigeration repair for a freezer full of fresh food with a damaged door gasket is a must. A damaged door gasket can create excessive moisture that is visible near the shelves or the ducts of the freezer. Since the damaged gasket prevents the door from closing properly, it can cause defrost issues. If you notice excess moisture on the edge of the door you need to hire a refrigerator service technician. It means that the door gasket is not sealing properly and it must be replaced. You can check by placing paper at several points along the door. Close the door and slide the paper out. If the paper slides easily, it indicates that the gasket is defective and must be replaced. Call your local refrigerator repairman if you cannot do the replacement alone.

Ice Door Kit or Dispenser Assembly

When your fridge activates the ice dispenser, the dispenser door opens, and ice is dispensed from the icemaker. The flapper or the door of the dispenser is spring loaded and has a foam or vinyl rubber seal to prevent air from entering or escaping from the fridge. If your service repair technician notices moisture around the dispenser or the ice bin area, it indicates that door is not closing properly.

You can check the condition of these parts by removing the dispenser cover and inspecting the operation of the assembly. After removing the dispenser cover, you must inspect:

  • The door hinges
  • Door seal
  • Return Spring
  • Plunger
  • Damper

You must be able to operate the door without any problem. If any part is damaged, replace the damaged part of this household appliance immediately or contact the nearest residential appliance repair company.

Door Closure Cam Kit

If you are using a side-by-side model fridge, the cams on the lower door hinges help in closing the door. These cams are made of nylon or hard plastic, and they have sloped shoulders on them. The door has two cams, one on the bottom and another on the top of the refrigerator. If either of the cams is damaged or broken, the door will not close properly. This allows warm air to enter the machine and cause condensation. If the fridge door does not close properly, you must first verify that the closer cams are not broken or cracked.

Door Bearing and Hinges

The freezer and fresh food door rotate on hinges. These hinges act as bearing allowing the door to pivot easily on them. If these hinges become dry of lubrication or worn out, it may prevent the door from closing properly. This can allow air to enter the refrigerator and cause the moisture problem. One of the symptoms of faulty hinge bearing is the scraping or thumping noise when you open or close the door. If the hinges are worn out, you must replace them immediately. If they need lubrication, you can lubricate them with food safe grease.

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