How to Fix A Dishwasher That Won’t Dry Properly

Having a dishwasher that does not dry the dishes properly can be a frustrating experience. Identifying and rectifying the problem is not difficult if you know how to identify the problem area. In this article, we have provided you with a list of some common parts that you need to fix when your dishwasher won’t dry properly. You can use this information to find out the damaged part and replace it, if necessary.

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Heating Element

A problem with the heating element will prevent the dishwasher from drying the dishes properly. Before you check the condition of the heating element, make sure the power supply to the machine is turned off. After disconnecting the power supply, you can check the condition of the heating element using a multi-meter. You can find the heating element terminals below the tub. These terminals can be accessed by removing the lower panel of the machine. If the heating element is in perfect condition, you can check the condition of the wires that are connected to the terminals. If the wires are burnt or damaged, replace them immediately.


Almost all dishwashers come with the thermostat that prevents the dishwasher from getting too hot. If there is a problem with the thermostat, it could shut down the heating element before the dishes are finished drying. The thermostat can be found at the bottom of the tub behind the access panel. You can check the condition of the thermostat using a multi-meter.

Rinse Aid Dispenser

A problem with the rinse aid dispenser or its cap can prevent the dishwasher from fully drying your dishes. When the rinse aid is damaged, the dishes will not shed water properly, which will prevent the machine from drying the dishes. First, you must ensure that there is a rinse aid in the chamber. If there is a rinse aid in the machine chamber, inspect the condition of the cap. Make sure the cap is fixed and adjusted properly.

Other Problems

There are a few other problems which can prevent the dishes from drying. For example, the material used to make the dish can have an impact on the retaining capacity of the dish. Glass is a great conductor of heat and it can get really hot during the wash. On the other hand, plastic dishes don’t hold heat and won’t dry well. If you plan to clean a lot of plastic dishes, it is best to load them separating. Loading them with crockery and glass will affect the drying process.

It is important to load your dishwasher properly to get your dishes fully dry. If you place a glass or cup upright on the rack, it will not be completely dry at the end of the cycle. It may also prevent water evaporation during drying sequence which can stop other dishes from drying.

Final Thoughts

We have identified the common problem areas which can prevent the dishes from drying properly. If you have checked the parts carefully and have taken all the precautions, then some other parts could be at fault. Identifying these parts and replacing them is a difficult process. We suggest you give us a call when you face this problem. We have several dishwasher repair technicians who are always ready to help you.

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