What To Do When The Dryer Does Not Produce Heat?

Doing the laundry nowadays has become a more convenient process because of the advancement of technology. But what will you do if your dryer suddenly stops producing heat and you are alone at home? Keep calm because undertaking this type of repair for your household appliance is not a hard task to do; even non-professionals can do it themselves.

In this article, we got you a list of 3 important things that you need to check before calling a dryer repair company. These necessary things might just help you from spending additional bucks for dryer service technician fees.

  • Heating Element – Once the clothes dryer stops producing heat, the heating element parts should be the first thing that you need to check. The heating element for electric dryers is usually situated at the rear or front panel, checking up the brand and model of the dryer machine will help you in identifying the location of this part. Once you open the panel, you’ll find the coil of heating wire in a metal chamber. You need to use a multimeter to verify if the heating element is not functioning well. Replacing this part is easy and will make your residential appliance work in no time.
  • High-Limit Thermostat – If your home dryer’s problem is not of the defective heating element, the next part you need to check is the high-limit thermostat. It is a safety device fastened on the heating chamber to prevent the house appliance from overheating. An activated high limit thermostat hinders the electric circuit to the heating element. The activation of the thermostat happens once the exhaust vent is restricted. To repair this issue, you will need to replace the high limit thermostat and fix the exhaust vent system for your electric dryer to work smoothly.
  • Radiant Flame Sensor – In gas dryers, the Radiant Flame Sensor is necessary for detecting the heat from the igniter or the burner. If the sensor is faulty, the igniter will not glow, and the gas valve will remain closed. Use a multimeter to check the sensor’s continuity and to determine if the electrical connections inside are already defective. If the sensor is no longer functional, replacing it with a new one will solve the problem.

Know the necessary steps in fixing your laundry appliances. If you know your way around machines, calling for dryer service and other repairmen will only be done when push comes to shove.

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