Do You Need To Get Your Clothes Dryer Serviced?

Owning your own clothes dryer can make the task of drying the laundry for yourself and your family much easier than if you have to haul it to the laundry mat each week. However, when these appliances begin to malfunction, it can cause a lot of headaches, starting with the fact that you will need to take your laundry elsewhere to get clean.

clothes dryer being fixed

One of the most common signs that your clothes dryer needs repair work done is if the temperature does not match the settings you selected for that load. If it is too hot or too cold, the internal thermostat is obviously malfunctioning and needs to be professionally repaired.

You may also experience trouble with the electrical connections, which could create sparks or other potential fire hazards if left unchecked. If you see sparks coming from your unit, disconnect it from the power source and call a dryer repair technician. Do not use it again until the issue has been addressed.

Other troubles which may arise during the course of you owning the laundry dryer include doors that no longer want to latch properly and lint that has accumulated in the exhaust pipe for the dryer. Though you will quickly note if the door does not latch without some additional work, it may not be as easy to spot lint troubles. The most likely symptom you will notice regarding this is excessive heat. However, if your exhaust is clogged with lint or anything else, you are at an extreme risk of fire.

Other common issues include:

  • Timer not advancing
  • Unusual noises or not starting
  • Not tumbling or taking too long to dry
  • Not turning off or turning off too soon
  • Extremely Hot

Rather than attempting to repair your laundry dryer when it has begun to malfunction, hire a professional service company to perform the work for you. This way, you will not void your warranty and reduce the risk of an accidental fire.

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