Why Is There A Burning Smell In My Tumble Dryer?

The best part about having a dryer in your house is that it is not only energy efficient but also reduces the time taken to complete household chores. During winters, your clothes dry quickly and you can wear them as soon as the drying cycle is complete. Also, you can avoid ironing your clothes if you remove the clothes promptly. These dryers are available in different sizes to suit your needs and budget. However, like any other home appliance, even a dryer can develop a malfunction without any advance warning. For instance, the home appliance may not start or can overheat, which can prevent you from using the machine.

picking up clothes from the tumble dryerIf your machine is overheating, you must do something fast, because there is a high risk of dryer fire. According to a study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association, it was found that dryer fryer is responsible for more than 3,000 residential fires every year. While a malfunction in the machine can cause fires, a common cause of dryer fire is inadequate ventilation. This problem can be easily addressed by the residential users to avoid any problem in the future.

Anatomy of the Dryer

The anatomy of electric and gas dryer is the same. The burner or the heating element is placed inside a chamber which is under the tumbler. The drive motor of the machine which operates the tumbler is also responsible for running the fan that circulates the air in the heating chamber. Hot air passes through the grind on the back or front of the machine, which then circulates through the heating chamber. It then passes through the tumbler where it dries your clothes before exiting the vent. The thermostat helps in cycling off the heat which allows the dryer to cool. The thermostat then turns it back on once again and the cycle is repeated once again. This helps in maintaining the temperature inside the machine.

Thermostat Failure

If you sense a burning smell from your appliance, it indicates that your machine is overheating. One possible cause of this problem is a defective thermostat. If you have an electric dryer, cut the power supply to the machine. Conversely, if you have gas dryer, you must turn off the gas supply to the machine. You must then remove the front cover and try to locate the thermostat. If you are unable to locate the thermostat, you can use the owner’s manual to find the exact location of the thermostat. To check the condition of the thermostat, disconnect it from the machine and check its continuity using a multi-meter. If the thermostat is faulty, you must replace it immediately. Since thermostat does not fail easily, you may have to check other parts that could be responsible for the problem.

Blocked Vents

Another common cause of overheating is blocked vents. The machine’s lint filter may not be able to catch all lint and some lint may find its way to the vents. The lint can get stuck on the corrugations if you use flexible duct pipes. At times, it may also get collected in sagging lengths and bends of the duct pipe. The air cannot get out of the tumbler or the heating chamber if the vents are blocked, which can cause overheating. To solve this problem, all you have to do is clean the vents using a vent brush. If the vents are not blocked and you still don’t feel any hot air circulation at the outlet, it indicates that fan may be broken. To inspect the condition of the fan, you have to remove dryer cover.

Preventing Dryer Fire

It is recommended that you use a smooth metal pipe instead of corrugated fiberglass or foil pipe for your vents. This is because corrugated fiberglass or foil can sag and lint can get stuck in the corrugations. Moreover, if the fire starts, metal pipes can prevent the fire from spreading. Even if you use metal pipes, lint can still get stuck to it if you use too many bends. Most manufacturers specify the maximum length of the vents you can use and you must never exceed the prescribed limit. Also, you should clean the area around the vent regularly to reduce the risk of blockage.

If these steps don’t help, it is best to get help from dryer service technicians. Today, there are many companies that offer to repair or service the home appliance at your convenience. These companies have range repair technicians, washer technicians, refrigerator repairmen, and several other qualified technicians who are always ready to help you.

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