How To Replace An Oven Light Receptacle

The oven light receptacle is a fixture that you will find on the oven wall. This part is responsible for lighting up the household appliance, so you can observe the food when it cooks inside the oven. Normally, when the light does not work, you replace the bulb and it solves the problem. However, the […]

How To Get Mold Off The Rubber Seal On A Front Loader Washer

If you notice black stuff on the rubber seal of the front loading machine, it could be due to grime, lint, and moldy growth. The obstructions can prevent the machine door from closing properly which increases the risk of water leaks. This problem in the home appliance can be so serious that some insurance providers […]

Why Is My Dishwasher Not Filling With Water?

Dishwasher not filling with water is a common problem faced by most households. There are several factors that can be responsible for this problem. If it is a minor problem, you can fix it without getting any professional help. For major problems, you may have to get help from a qualified dishwasher repairman. If you […]

Why Is There A Burning Smell In My Tumble Dryer?

The best part about having a dryer in your house is that it is not only energy efficient but also reduces the time taken to complete household chores. During winters, your clothes dry quickly and you can wear them as soon as the drying cycle is complete. Also, you can avoid ironing your clothes if […]

How To Replace Microwave Lights And Turntables

Maintaining your home appliances can extend their lifespan, which can help you save hundreds of dollars every year. A problem with your house appliance can be fixed if you know how to diagnose the problem and take steps to troubleshoot the problem. Like any other residential appliance, even your microwave oven can develop a problem. […]

How To Troubleshoot the Refrigerator Thermostat

A problem in the thermostat of the refrigerator can affect its ability to preserve food at the right temperature. If you notice crystal formation on vegetables or if the liquids remain warm, it indicates that the machine’s thermostat is malfunctioning. But how do you know that other parts of the residential appliance are not responsible […]

How To Fix An Oven Door That Will Not Close Properly

The oven is a common home appliance that you will find in most American households. Like any other residential appliance, even the oven can malfunction. Some of the common problems homeowners face includes: Oven not heating properly Door not closing properly Machine not starting, and several other problems. When there is a problem with the […]

Why My Dishwasher Won’t Start?

Today, having a hard-working dishwasher in your home that cleans all your dishes every day has become a necessity. However, like any other household appliance, even the dishwasher can break down. When your dishwasher stops working, your first instinct is to call a dishwasher service technician. The dishwasher technician will visit your house and service […]

How To Fix A Dryer That Won’t Tumble

The dryer provides the easiest way of drying our clothes, and our daily routine gets affected when there is a problem with the machine. Ideally, when troubleshooting the problems with your dryer, you should get help from the dryer technician. However, there are certain problems that you can handle without professional help. If the dryer […]

How To Fix A Refrigerator That Is Not Working

It’s hard to imagine a life without the refrigerator. We use the fridge to store food and make those delicious ice creams for our kids. However, like any other household appliance, your refrigerator could also stop working. Getting help from a refrigerator service technician should solve the problem in the shortest possible time. However, many […]

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